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Simple analytical and numerical techniques for modelling flame spread on solids
North Gregory, Karlsson Björn, Gojkovic Daniel, van Hees Patrick
Lunds tekniska högskola (LTH)
This report concentrates on the thermal theory models for flame spread. The report shows how information on time to ignition and rate of heat release from bench-scale tests can be used to estimate time to ignition and fire growth in certain full-scale scenarios. The Cone Calorimeter is used to get bench-scale data on time to ignition and the energy release rate of a given material. The theoretical thermal models are described and a statistical package called @Risk is used to determine the values of a number of constants inherent in the models. These constants are then used in the models, allowing flame spread and energy release rate to be calculated for a number of simple full-scale scenarios, using data from the Cone Calorimeter test as input.