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Evaluate Your Business Continuity Management : a step towards a more resilient company!
Almén, Joakim, Rosqvist, Anders
Lunds tekniska högskola (LTH)
Major businesses today involves complex supply chains with world-wide sourcing and marketing which create new risks for both the individual enterprise and the society at large. Supply chain disruptions are seen as the primary threat to a company’s revenue driver. To be able to cope with undesired events, companies need to review their business continuity management (BCM). To increase the knowledge of effective BCM, this thesis develops and presents a model for evaluating the level of BCM within a company, The BCM Evaluation Model. The model is a self-assessment questionnaire to be used at site level which can give management and insurance companies an indication of what needs to be improved to reduce the potential negative business profit impact from a disruption somewhere in the supply chain. The study involves a lens with factors based on a literature survey. Documented cases were then examined through the lens to find key factors for effective BCM. The model was validated through a test on six company affiliates together with expert opinions.