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EUREFIC - Large Scale Tests according to ISO DIS 9705
Söderbom Johan
Statens provningsanstalt (SP)
A series of 11 large scale Room/Corner Tests of surface linings according to ISO DIS 9705/NT FIRE 025 Ä1Å has been carried out. The series is part of a joint Nordic fire research programme, EUREFIC and was performed at three different laboratories: VTT-Finland, NBL-Norway and SP-Sweden. The report is a summary of the results collected during the tests at the different laboratories. The results presented are rates of heat release, smoke production and CO production. Also the heat flux to the floor and gas temperatures in the test room are presented. The purpose of the test series was to collect data for developing a model for predicting the fire growth in the room corner test (ISO DIS 9705) based on the results from the cone calorimeter (ISO DIS 5660). The results will also be used for developing a classification system for surface products. The test series shows that the NT FIRE 025 test is capable of ranking different surface products in terms of their heat release and smoke production histories.
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