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Guide to Increased Security in Process Control Systems for Critical Societal Functions
Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB)
The Swedish forum for information sharing concerning information security – SCADA and process control systems (FIDI-SC). This is a direct translation of a Swedish document that is intended to create awareness of security in process control systems. There is currently a large volume of recommendations for how security can be increased in process control systems. There are also several standardisation initiatives underway. The reason for the Swedish Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) nonetheless choosing to produce a guide for increased security in process control systems is that information is lacking in Swedish. This has been especially desired by small and medium-sized operators of the critical infrastructure. SEMA has directly translated the document so that it can be distributed to international collaborative partners, primarily the European SCADA and Control Systems Information Exchange (E-SCSIE).