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Full-scale fire experiments with mining vehicles in an underground mine
Hansen Rickard, Ingason Haukur
Mälardalens högskola
This report is part of the research project “Fire spread and heat release rate of underground mining and tunnelling vehicles – BARBARA”, conducted by a research group at Mälardalen University. The project is aimed at improving fire safety in mines and tunnels during construction in order to obtain a safer working environment for the people working for the mining companies, as well as the tunnelling companies in Sweden or for visitors in mines open to the public. This report comprises two full scale fire experiments in a mine drift at Björka Mineral in Sala, Sweden, involving a loader and a drilling rig respectively. The main purposes of the report are: 􀁸 Obtain data which can validate models to calculate the total heat release rate of mining vehicles. 􀁸 To produce total heat release rate curves for representative mining vehicles.