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TOXFIRE : fire characteristics and smoke gas analyses in under-ventilated large-scale combustion experiments : storage configuration tests
Lönnermark Anders, Blomqvist Per, Månsson Margret
Sveriges Provnings- och Forskningsinstitut (SP)
This report describes combustion experiments performed in a 256 m³ test enclosure, large enough to allow the samples to be burned in a real size storage configuration. The materials studied were, as in the ISO 9705 room test series, polypropene, Nylon, chlorobenzene, chloro-nitro-benzoic acid and tetramethylithiuram monosulfide. A special instrument, a phi-meter, was built and used to measure the equivalence ratio, a measure of the degree of ventilation. The objective of these tests was to explore the influence of the combustion configuration on the fire characteristics, in particular on the nature of the combustion products.