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A full scale fire test method for free-hanging curtain and drapery textiles
Göransson Ulf, Wetterlund Ingrid
Statens provningsanstalt (SP)
This report deals with the problem of large freehanging draperies in public assembly halls, discoteques, cinemas etc. The fire growth can be very intence, thus creating a large fire which easily can spread to adjacent items. A test method has been designed for fire testing of curtain and drapery textiles in large scale. The test measures the rate of heat release by the oxygen consumption technique and the smoke production rate. The test specimen is rather large, 3 m by 3 m, and hung pleated in front of a wall. The ignition source is a 100 kW diffusion flame gas burner. About 30 tests have been performed on 21 different products according to the proposed test method. From the obtained results and a discussion of how the scenario influences the results classification criteria are proposed. The test results showed that the vertical flame spread rate, did not correlate with the intensity of the fire measured as rate of heat release.