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European glossary for wildfires and forest fires
Stacey Robert
Europeiska Unionen (EU)
For effective collaboration across national borders on any technical or emergency issue, the establishment of a common language is crucial. The EUFOFINET partners identified during the early stages of the project that there was no existing European glossary of terminology for wildfires and forest fires and, therefore, no common language for the partners to use. This situation posed a problem to the partnership in terms of establishing a common understanding around technical and practical issues related to wildfires and forest fires. The EUFOFINET partners subsequently decided to set themselves the ambitious but very important task of creating a European glossary of terminology that could be used across the whole of Europe both during and after the project. The development of the glossary was led and coordinated by Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service (UK), with the assistance and contributions of all of the EUFOFINET partners and a number of external experts across the World. The end result is an impressive English language glossary of more than 800 terms and associated definitions arranged within thirteen thematic chapters. The entire document has been colour-coded and designed in a user-friendly format to enable its use as both a reference document and training resource. The glossary has significant potential to improve cross-border work before, during and after wildfire and forest fire incidents and will be a very useful tool for maintaining and improving health and safety for multinational suppression teams.