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Determination of cumbustible content : a method description based on established practice : nordtest project 700-87
Sundström B, Wetterlund I
Statens provningsanstalt (SP)
THE COMBUSTIBLE CONTENT OF BUILDING CAN NOW BE DETERMINED ACCORDING TO A STANDARD TEST METHOD The combustibility of building products such as mineral wool and fibre reinforced in organic boards is determined according to ISONon-combustibility Test (ISO 1182). However, for quality control purposes a simple determination of the amount of combustible constituents is often performed. The product is then subjected to a temperature high enough to burn off the organic material and the amount of combustibles is expressed as percentage weight loss. This project, financed by Nordtest and performed by Fire Technology at the Swedish National Testing Institute, has the objective of proposing a Nordtest method. The method description is reported separately. It is based on the established practice, this investigation and a similar DIN-method. To verify the proposed test method a test series was performed. Specimen weights, furnace temperatures and testing times were varied.