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Safety Alert : Aerosol Can Danger
Alberta Construction Safety Association
An accident occurred at a Jacobs location recently, which resulted in damage to the interior of a project pickup truck but fortunately no injuries. The damage occurred when an aerosol can that was part of a warning air horn device overheated when it was left in the glove box of the truck over a weekend and the can exploded. The aerosol can was placed in the glove box prior to the weekend and left there. The accident occurred on the weekend of June 7th, when the external temperature was in the 90s. Sometime during the two-day weekend, the can heated up enough to cause it to rupture and blow out of the glove box. When the can ruptured, it apparently blew the glove box door off and bounced around the cab of the truck striking the windshield and the rear of the seat. The temperature in the truck with the windows closed was approximately 155 degrees F, which greatly exceeded the manufacture’s recommendations for storage conditions